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My product is the best!

My product is the best!

At the end of this mission we will be able to compare your product with others and to say why your product is the best.  

You will work the writing and speaking skills.

Comparing and Contrasting
Pete. Comparing and Contrasting (CC BY-SA)

What do you usually think before buying a product in a supermarket or in a shop? Raise your hand if you think about this:

  • I only think if I have got enough money.
  • I think if the quality of the product is good or not.
  • I think if I know the trade mark.
  • I think if I really need it.
  • I think if I don't need it but I have got a craving for that product
  • I think if I want it because I you have seen an advert on TV.
  • I think about the size and the performance of that product.

Which option has more votes? What makes you buy one product and not another one? Discuss about the final result.

Now, you have to compare the product you are going to advertise to others and decide which is its best feature. You have to think of different characteristics of your product and to compare it to others using some comparative adjectives.

Then, you have to decide which is your product's best feature and express it using a superlative adjective. Finally, your team will have to explain to the rest of your classmates which are the main features of your product.

You must buy my product!

When you watch an advert on TV, the advertisers normally let you know why you must buy their product. You can choose one product or another depending on how well its features are explained.

So, this is the moment to compare your product to others and to explain why yours is the best!

Three 4.8" UMPCs comparison
VIA Gallery. Three 4.8" UMPCs comparison (CC BY)

Your final product for this mission will be to write down at least four comparative and two superlative sentences about the product that you are going to do your advert about. 

Steps for your mission

Previous investigation

You need to review how to express comparative and superlative adjective in English.

To express comparison in English you have to review how to use these adjectives.  

The main purpose of this mission is to write down at least four comparative sentences and two superlative ones.

Creating the sentences

Read carefully the following information and write down the sentences:

Once you have finished n case we have problems about how to deal and work with the tool you have a couple of really useful tutorials to learn about it:

  • You can also play a Kahoot game to check if you have fully understood how to make comparative and superlative adjectives. If you need further information about how to play with kahoot, learn with a Kahoot tutorial video.

Your final product for this mission will be to create the comparative and superlative sentences to be used in your advert. Remember that these sentences must be clear and appealing. 

You can include these sentences into you blog. You must remember to identify your post with the tag "My product is the best".

If you want, your teacher can spread your post using the Twitter account of the classroom. For that reason, you have to write down the tweet for the teacher. Remember:

  • we can use 140 characters.
  • Include your blog's link to your post.
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectadvert

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help us know how to do a great job.

Before posting your text, you should ask your classmates to check your work and make suggestions, corrections.etc. You have to do the same work with some of your mates' outcomes, too. And remember not to get discouraged because making mistakes is a very good way to learn!

Knowing about your product is the best way to sell it. Don't forget all the things you have learnt in this mission.

Learning Diary

It's time to continue with your Learning Diary. Remember it helps you reflect on what you are learning and most important: what the best way for learning is. 

It would complete your learning experience if the answer to these questions is also linked in a post in your blog.

Devansee. Laptop (CC0)

Go back to the document you opened in the previous mission as a Learning Diary. Below your previous writing, you will create a new section entitled: "My product is the best". You will have to reflect on your learning using the following questions:

  • What were the most difficult aspects?
  • What tool was the most difficult for you to work with?
  • What do you think is the most important aspect you have learnt?
  • Are there any aspects you did not understand completely?

It would be great if you shared these feelings and thoughts with your classmates. You will have some minutes to complete this part.