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What can my product do?

What can my product offer to others?

At the end of this mission, you will be able to talk about the main features of your product and the reasons why people should buy it.  

We will work the writing and speaking skills.

Pexels. Advertising (CC0)

Imagine all the things your product can do: what can people use it for? Where can you use it? Does it need electrical supply?. You have to create a short text with at least three things that your product can do. Maybe you could ask your classmates, parents, brothers and sisters... They could give you some more ideas.

With all those ideas, why doesn't your team create a visual map of the qualities and features of your product? Make a drawing of your product and think of all the other features it could be used for and share it with the rest of the class teams.

A special product

Your team has to continue working with the product you have chosen. In this mission, your team has to write down the three most important facts about it. You are going to create the text for your advert.

Bill Smith. advert (CC BY)

Your final mission will be to compose the text with your product's three main features. Think about the three main facts that can make people buy your product in shops.

Steps for your mission

Previous investigation

Decide which are your product's three main features. These characterisitics must be something interesting. Remember that with that information, people may buy your product. Ask other people about their opinion. Maybe your classmates and relatives can help you with this task.

In order to explain what your product is able to do, you will need to review how to use the modal verb 'can / cannot' in English.  

Creating the text for the advert

Remember that you have to create a video or a digital presentation to show you advert:

  • If you decide to record a video, write down the sentences using the modal verb 'can' that you are going to say while advertising your product. Try to be creative.
  • If you decide to create a digital presentation, write down the sentences using the modal verb 'can' as well, that are going to appear along with the pictures of the product you have already chosen. 

You can include the text you have created into your blog. 

Don't forget to identify the post with the tag "The text of my advert".

If you want, your teacher can disseminate your post using the classroom's Twitter account. For that purpose, you have to write down the tweet for the teacher. Remember: 

  • You can use only 140 characters.
  • Include the link to your post. 
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectadvert

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help you know how to do a great job. 

Before posting your text, you should also ask another classmate to check your work and make suggestions or corrections. You must do the same work with some of your mates' outcomes, too. And remember that you don't have to get discouraged because making mistakes is a good way to learn!

With this task you have thought and written what your product can and can't do.

Learning Diary

It's time to continue with your Learning Diary. Remember it helps you reflect on what you are learning and most important: what the best way for learning is.

It would complete your learning experience if the answer to these questions is also linked in a post in your blog.

Laptop, diary and mobile
devansee. Laptop (CC0)

Let's go back to the document we opened in the previous mission as a Learning Diary. Below your previous writing you will create a new section entitled: 'What can my product do?'. You will reflect about your learning using the following questions:

  • What were the most difficult aspects?
  • What tool was the most difficult for you to work with?
  • What do you think is the most important aspect you have learnt?
  • Are there any aspects you did not understand?

It would be great if you shared these feelings and thoughts with your classmates. You will have some minutes to complete this part.