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Celebrating with family

Family Relationship

At the end of this mission we will be able to talk about family relationships and celebrations around the world.

We will work the listening and writing skills.

sathyatripodi. Brothers (CC0)

To introduce the topic of "celebrating with my family" we are going to start listening about it. In the listening 'Esl-Lab: Family Relationships' we can find a short podcast to listening and some questions to check our comprenhension.  

How do we celebrate....?

Normally along the year we meet all of our family for special celebrations like Christmas, birthdays or some national holidays. It is the same around the world, people used to meet with family to spent time together on concrete dates.

We're purposed  to investigate about what these special celebrations are around the world.

Our final mission will be to create a digital or analogical poster about these different celebrations. The 'Rubric to asses a digital poster'  will help us know how to do a great job

Steps for our mission

Previous investigation

The following websites will help you with your investigation. 

Creating the poster

From the previous information we have to choose one of the festivals and we will create a poster with the following information:

  • Title.
  • Photos.
  • What do they celebrate?
  • When do they celebrate?
  • How do they celebrate?

We can create a digital poster or if you prefer a paper one in a big piece of cartuline. If we prefer to create a digital one you can choose one of the following digital tools

Our final mission will be to create that final poster. It must be atractive and clear. Remember to include at least one ilustration about the celebration. Don't forget that the 'Rubric to asses a digital poster'  will help us know how to do a great job.

In case we had created your poster in a card we'd only need to take some different images and then to include them on your post.


We can include the poster into our blog. 

Don't forget to identify the post with the tag "The History of my family".

If we want, our teacher can spread your post using the Twitter account of the classroom. For that we have to write down the tweet for the teacher. Remember: 

  • We can use 140 characters.
  • Include the link to our post. 
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectfamily.

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help us know how to do a great job. 

Before posting your text, ask your colleagues to check your work and make suggestions, corrections... You must do the same work with some of your mates' outcomes, too. Don't be afraid. Making mistakes is a good way to learn!

With this task we have learnt and deal with lots of recipies, this will be very useful for you for the final task of the project in which you have to write down a recipe.

Learning Diary

It's time to continue with our Learning Diary. Remember it helps us reflect on what we are learning and most important: what the best way for learning is. 

Let's go back to the document you opened in the previous mission as a Learning Diary. Below our previous writing we will create a new section entitled: 'Creating with my family'. We will reflect about your learning using the following questions:

  • What are the most difficult aspects?
  • What tool was the most difficult for me to work with?
  • What do I think is the most important aspect you have learned?
  • Are there any aspects I did not understand?

Remember it would be great if we shared these feelings and thoughts with our classmates. We will have 10 or 15 minutes to complete this part.