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About the project

Our project. General information

The final challenge of this project is to create a video curriculum. But before that, you need to surf different websites and overcome several missions that will help you gain knowledge and acquire strategies.

Collaborative work is highlighted in this project, which means you will mainly acquire knowledge by working in pairs or small groups. Likewise, you will also work individually on interactive activities to which you will access by clicking on the website links provided.

Do not forget that your teacher can help you whenever necessary on your way towards the big final challenge.

The missions you will have done at the end of this project are:

  • a job advertisement published on the social network Pinterest.
  • a questionnaire to find out your classmates' personality, skills and interests.
  • a presentation of the ideal candidate for a job.
  • a poster based on a social programme for your classmates.
  • a one-minute video presenting a 'dream job'.
  • a role play based on a job interview.
  • a final challenge which consists of the creation of a video curriculum.

To create, design and edit your work, you will be able to use the following apps, among others.

  • Cacoo, an online tool with which you will create word maps to work on key vocabulary.
  • Canva, which will enable you to design and create your own charts.
  • StoryboardThat. You will use this online app to prepare the drafts for your presentations. 
  • Wevideo, the tool with which you will create and edit your big final challenge: a video curriculum, which will be published on a YouTube channel. If you prefer, you can find other video-editing tools at the site.

Notice that you will be performing several missions and we are sure that, by the end of this project, you will be proud of your great work, which you can prepare, publish or share with the help of the online tools and apps listed below.

  • To publish, you will use Weebly site. An email account is required to create your own site where you will be posting all your missions. Within this site, you will create a blog entitled 'Your learning diary', in which you will be including relevant information concerning your learning process.
  • To share your work with other people, you will use Pinterest, a digital board where you can publish your tasks and share them with your classmates.

Throughout the project, your teacher may award you with a badge from Class Badges in case of excellent performance


Your progress on this project will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Teacher's evaluation: your teacher will use the assessment rubrics to evaluate your work on the missions and the final challenge. This will be 40% of the final mark.
  • Peer evaluation: you will assess other partners by creating your own assessment sheet with the items that you consider as appropriate or by using the assessment rubrics listed above. This will be 20% of the final mark.
  • You will self-evaluate the final outcome using the document 'Rubric for assessing the project'This rubric brings together the main criteria for assessing your missions and challenge and it is a 20% of the final mark.
  • Teacher's observation in class based on your degree of participation in the project and how well you perform all the missions will be 20%.

As you can see, you will get entirely involved in this project by acquiring, creating and sharing contents as well as assessing both, your own and your classmates' learning process.

Starting up your job search

You are going to begin this project based on how to create a good video curriculum or resumé by reflecting on what steps people usually take when they decide to look for a job.

At the end of this section, you will have:

  • Learnt about words and expressions related to jobs and employment.
  • Written a job advertisement.
  • Given your opinion on different jobs.

Imagine that you want to have a job that allows you to get some extra money. Enter the Dailyes site, click on play and listen to the text about job hunting

Career mindmap

Flazingo PhotosCareer (CC0)

With a partner, comment on the questions:

  • Where can you find a job?
  • What is the best way to find a job in the area where you live?
  • What do you think a resumé is? Brainstorm ideas with  your class and teacher.

After checking the definition  of 'resumé', answer the following questions.

  • What is another word for 'resumé'?
  • What parts are included in a resumé?

Check with your teacher that you know all the parts that are in a resumé because you will need to use them in the project's final challenge.

You can start your job search by looking at the job ad section in a newspaper or on a website. Reading job ads is a good way of learning vocabulary about jobs and employment. Click on the British Council site and read the job postings. Revise some key vocabulary at the Englisch-hilfen site and check the meaning of the words and expressions at the Cambridge Dictionary online website.

You are going to prepare a digital word map. Sign in at Canva and create a map where you will include all the words and phrases from the job ads and from the listening excerpt that you have listened to before. Put them under three headings:

  • The company
  • The candidate (person who looks for a job) 
  • The job characteristics (for example: salary, part-time job,  etc.)

Note: a lot of abbreviations are commonly used in job ads. Enter the site a4esl  and check what  these abbreviations mean.

After finishing your word map, create a page entitled  'Key vocabulary' in your Weebly site and add the link to your word map. In case that you need some help on how to use Weebly, watch the Weebly 2014 tutorial.

It is important that you practise and acquire useful vocabulary related to job and employment since you will be using it throughout the project.

Posting a job ad

As you have seen, job ads include concise information, but  this information should include,at least, the points stated below:

  • Job title
  • Salary /pay
  • Working hours / days
  • Experience
  • How to apply for a job (send email, hand CV, phone call, etc.).
  • Contact details

You are going to start the first mission consisting of publishing a job advertisement. You and the rest of members in the group are employers looking for a new worker for your company.

Please, follow the points:

  • Get together in groups of four students.
  • Decide what your company activity is (restaurant, bank, newspaper, etc.).
  • Describe the working conditions that you offer.
  • Refer to the candidate's requirements.
  • State how candidates can contact you.

You can get some ideas for your job offer from the  Learn English site.

Publish your job ad on Pinterest with a picture illustrating the type of job you offer. Share your job post with the rest of classmates. Find out who is interested in your job ad and ask them why. We encourage you to play the role of job seekers and comment on other job ads that may interest you. Practise your oral skills by saying why you like some jobs more than others. Enter the Expresso English site and revise useful phrases to express reason.

As a follow-up activity, publish your job advert on the page 'Your first CV' of your Weebly site. On this page, type the answers to the questions below.

  • Which job ad was the most wanted in the class?
  • How many students have applied for the job that your group has posted?
  • How can candidates or job seekers mainly contact the company? Are CVs or resumes required?

You can read the criteria that your teacher will use to assess your work in the 'Rubric for assessing a board on Pinterest'.

Learning diary

In this mission, you are going to start creating your Learning Diary. It will help you reflect on what you are learning and, most important, what the best way of learning is.

In your Weebly website, you have the possibility to create a blog which you will entitle  'Your first CV'. This is going to be your Learning Diary.

After reading all the instructions related to your first mission, we encourage you to reflect and answer the questions below in your diary. Make a first post on your blog with the title 'Posting a job ad' and write your answers:

  • How could I sum up the sequence of contents I am going to deal with? What do I have to achieve to overcome the mission?
  • From my point of view, what aspects or tasks are the most important to be developed in this project? What do I expect to learn throughout this work project?
  • What difficulties may I face? What ideas come to my mind for developing the content sequence?
  • What doubts do I still have?

Do not forget it would be great if you shared these feelings and thoughts with your classmates. You will have 10 or 15 minutes to complete this part.