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At the restaurant

Ordering food

At the end of this mission you will be able: to order food in a restaurant following the given menu. 

We will work the listening, writing and speaking skills.

Imagine you are at the restaurant of the picture, you have an English menu in your hands. How did you order the food? Are you going to use your fingers to point? 

In the 'Learning English Teens, British Council: Ordering food in a café' listening you can work on it and learn about how to do it. 

Grammar point: I would like

As you have checked in the previous listening you cannot order food just saying this or that. I you want to be a bit polite with the the waiter you have to you the modal verb would + like. Let's enjoy this video about a similar situation. 

Let's pratice and learn a bit more about this grammar point using some links:

The work with these webs will give you some very useful tools to use in the next mission.

At the restaurant.

We are going to create a imaginary situation in which you go to a restaurant and you order some food to the waiter. For achiving the final task you will need to organize in groups of four:

  • Three of you will be the actors: one waiter and two customers.
  • The other person will be the cameraman, and this person will upload the video into the platform. 
Group of people at a restaurant
Ministry of Information.... A group of diners give their...,  (CC0)

You have to make some tasks before recording the video:

  • Prepare the script. What is each character going to say?
  • The background and the atrezzo: The table, the dishes, the menu, etc.....
  • Rehearse it until you feel confortable with it. 

Your final mission will be to record and upload to Youtube your video with the 'restaurant scene'. You may edit it using any tool like (Wevideo) The 'Rubric to asses a video challenge' will help you know how to do a great job. You can include your video into your blog adding information about what your group work is. 

Don't forget to identify your post with the tag "Project A cook book".

If you want, your teacher can spread your post using the Twitter account of the classroom. For that you have to write down the tweet for the teacher. Remember: 

  • You can use 140 characters.
  • Include the link to your post. 
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectacookbook.

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help you know how to do a great job. 

Before posting your text, ask your colleagues to check your work and make suggestions, corrections... You must do the same work with some of your mates' outcomes, too. Don't be afraid. Making mistakes is a good way to learn!

With this task you have learnt lots of vocabulary related with food, which will be very useful for the final task. 

Learning Diary

It's time to continue with your Learning Diary. Remember it helps you reflect on what you are learning and most important: what the best way for learning is. 

Writing tools

Peter O'SheaWriting tools (CC BY)

Let's go back to the Google Drive Document you opened in the previous mission as a Learning Diary. Below your previous writing you will create a new section entitled: "At the sports center". You will reflect about your learning using the following questions:

  • What are the most difficult aspects?
  • What tool was the most difficult for you to work with?
  • What do you think is the most important aspect you have learned?
  • Are there any aspects you did not understand?

Remember it would be great if you shared these feelings and thoughts with your classmates. You will have 10 or 15 minutes to complete this part.

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