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The cookbook

Creating Recipies

At the end of this mission you will be able: to write and share a recipe using vocabulary and instructions related with the topic of food.  

We will work the writing and reading skills

Through this topic you have learnt lot of vocabulary and grammar about the topic of food. Now it will be time to use it all together for your final mission. You are going to create a cookbook with recipies.

The book is going to include the recipies done by the each one of the pairs created in the school group. But they are not going to be recipes pick up from a website, you have to talk with your family because they are going to be "Traditional food" recipies, so maybe a talk with your granparents will be amazing for this task. 

The teacher will create an account at an online tool to create the final book, so each pair of students will log in and post their own one. There are a lot of differente tools to make products like this.

Would you like, maybe, to create a real book? Talk with your mates and your teacher and think how you would create it!

Your recipe

As we told you our "cookbook" is going to be about Traditional food. So you have to interview your parents or your grandparents. You are going to work in pair on this so maybe a Google Drive Document will be great to deal with it. Any other ways to share information and ideas and work together will be welcome.

Your recipe should include:

  • Ingredients you will need and the quantity of each one you will need.
  • Description of the process.
  • Photo of the final products already prepare.
  • Tutorial about the process (You can record yourself cooking or create a video with some photos of the process)

Three ladies cooking

Your final product for this mission will be create the post to include your recipe and the book of your class with all of them. These points can help you to remember all the information you should include into your post.

  • An explanation about the task.
  • The link to the Google Drive Document (or the original text) with your recipe.
  • The video you have created to present your recipe.
  • Embed the cookbook with all the recipes of your classmates.
  • The link to your Learning Diary.
  • A short reflection about what you have learnt and how you have learnt that.

The 'Rubric to asses the project: A cookbook' will help you know how to do a great job. Don't forget to identify your post with the tag "Project A cook book".

If you want, your teacher can spread your post using the Twitter account of the classroom. For that you have to write down the tweet for the teacher. Remember:

  • You can use 140 characters.
  • Include the link to your post.
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectacookbook.

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help you know how to do a great job.

Organising and sharing

Now it's time to share and spread your fantastic work. Along the project you have published different posts in your digital portfolio.

As a summary we propose you to create a complete post (digital portfolio) in your blog with a reflection about what you have learned along this project. The following items will guide you to create thiis post (Don't forget to identify your post with the tag "Project sport journalist"):

  • Main vocabulary of the project.
  • Grammar reference.
  • All the activities related with this topic.
  • Final outcome of the project: The cookbok of the class.
  • A good idea would be to include the links to all the posts you have created along the whole project.
  • You can also include the link to your Learning Diary.

In addition, you are invited to make a public presentation of your videos. Don't you think it could be a great activity to organize an event at your school/classroom? Teachers, students, parents and maybe other people could know what you have done and value all your effort.

Each group must introduce the video. The resource 'San Gregorio Sección Bilingüe: Useful sentences for your videos and presentations' will help you with general sentences to prepare your speech.

The 'Rubric to assess an oral presentation' will help you know how to do a great job.

Now it is time to spread your final post through the social networks. Remember we have a Twitter account for the class, it is run by the teacher. So it is time for you to create a tweet to spread your post. It will be published through the class account. Remember:

  • You can use 140 characters.
  • Include the link to your post.
  • Use the hashtag of the project: #projectacookbook.

The 'Rubric to assess a tweet' will help you know how to do a great job.

Learning diary: final evaluation

We have finished the project, but there is a very important aspect to focus on now: we will assess all we have done. It is very easy; you are going to think on everything you have learned and how you have learned it. So you should think on all the missions you have crafted.

Assessment is very important because it will help you and the teacher solve and change all the aspects that might not work properly and continue using all the ones which have helped you learn more and better. But it is especially meaningful for you to identify how you learn better.

To carry out this assessment, you will complete the following documents:

You can work on this individually and then share it with your mate (the one you have been working with). Finally you will share with the whole group.

You are invited to talk with your parents about all this. You can publish a summary of your learning process in the final post with all your outcomes.

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