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The English market

Let's buy some fresh products at the market!

Today we are going to visit one really traditional place in the heart of Cork City. This food market has been open since 1788. It's one of the world's oldest municipal markets.

Some bread, fruit, and freshly caught seafood are just some of the specialities you can find at this place. Recently, the market gained worldwide fame when Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain visited it on her first ever state visit to the Republic of Ireland in 2011.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • read and answered some questions about the English Market using its website.
  • learnt the use of "ever" and "never" with present perfect.
  • designed the final version of your investigation report.

Would you like to know more about the English Market in Cork? Do you usually go to the market? Or do you prefer going to the supermarket? 

Click on the official website and try to find out the information on the English Market Official Website.

Read the following questions and answer them:

  • What did the Queen Elizabeth unveil when she visited the market? (To find out, visit the "Queen Elizabeth II's visit to the English Market" section).
  • Which are the busier trading hours that have to be avoided by tourists? (To find out, visit the "Information" section).
  • How much is  a voucher at the English market? (To find out, visit the "English market Gift vouchers" section).
  • What time does the market open? And when is it closed?  (To find out, visit "FAQs" section).

You have to answer these questions in your learning diary.

Remember that The English Market must be a part of the route at your Google Site map

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskrecycling and #EDIAcork). Choose one of the dishes from the food & dishes section and send a tweet with the name and picture of the dish. You can also tweet the answer to the previous questions adding the link of your post. The 'Rubric to assess a Tweet' can help you do a good job in this social network.

corkmarketman. English Market in Cork City

You can watch the promotional video of the English Market in Cork City.

Have you ever been abroad?

We use present perfect in English with "ever" (once in your lifetime) and "never" (at no time in my lifetime) when we talk about our own life experiences. 

Remember how to use the present perfect tense with ever & never and do an exercise about it. Then, let's practise how to use the present perfect with ever/never.

You can compose a digital poster to explain how to use ever & never with present perfect and make up some examples of its use.

In order to compose a good digital poster, you have to take into account the following 'Rubric to assess a digital poster'.

Your task: The final version of your investigation report

Task Step 5: Designing the final version of your investigation report.

After having visited this historical market in St. Patrick's Street in Cork, it is now time to design the final version of your investigation report you have been working on. Remember that it will be published at your learning diary and shared through Twitter.

Your teacher can help you with your doubts with the final details of your investigation report.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 6: Summarising all the steps taken so far in order to design your campaign.

After having finished the conversation in your interview, you have to revise all the work you have done so far in order to summarize all the steps you have followed.

Writing Tools
Peter O'Shea. Writting tools (CC BY)

You can also share the link of the post of your learning diary through Twitter using the hashtag #taskrecycling