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Rodeo Drive

What if we meet someone famous?

Let's continue with our amazing trip to the awesome city of Los Angeles. Your next stop now is at Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills.

Rodeo Drive is a shopping area in Beverly Hills that is also known as "the epicentre of luxury fashion." More than 100 shops compete for the money and attention of the rich and famous people who are often followed by a lot of people who want to see them and take some pictures with them.

Rodeo Drive is particularly spectacular during the Christmas season when the shops are full of typical Christmas stuff. 

Discovering Los Angeles is becoming a truly unforgettable experience!

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • read about Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills.
  • organized information about Los Angeles at the Google site.
  • read and answered questions about a guide for tourist visiting California.

Visit the official website of Rodeo Drive and select your favourite shop. What can you buy there? When is it open? Has the shop got a website? 

Remember that Rodeo Drive must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskwayoflife and #projectlosangeles). Write a tweet telling which shop you have chosen and why and add the URL of the shop. Some of one of the most famous films ever, Pretty Woman, were shot in these streets. 

Would you like to tour California?

In this project, you are visiting the city of Los Angeles in the state of California. But California is much more than Los Angeles only. It is a huge state of the United States of America on the Pacific coast of the country. Would you like to know which other places you would be able to visit if you visit the state?

So, read the text and answer the questions about the State of California Travel Guide. When you finish, you can check your understanding by doing the proposed activities. 

Your task: recording the map

Task.  Step 4: Use the TAWE app to record your mental map

As you have to do this task individually, you can share your draft with another classmate and he or she can give you some suggerences in order to improve your final product. Then, you have to give some feedback to another classmate as well.

Remember that in the following step, you will have to use the TAWE app in order to record the sound of the descriptive text of your mental map. So, it is now when you have to write some sentences explaining the most important aspects of the mental map regarding your issue.

Your challenge: Los Angeles at the Google Site

Challenge. Step 5: Organizing the Los Angeles entry at your Google Site

At this step, you have to finish the Los Angeles entry at the Google Site.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about Los Angeles at your Google Site. Creativity in the distibution of the contents is very important. The requirements to finish the entry are:

  • some text about what to do in the city.
  • and two links to printable guides, leaflets, brochures.

If you and your group consider that you can add more details to these requirements,you can freely add them to your site.

Learning Diary

Learning diary. Step 5: Posting the link to your group's Google Site

At this step, you have to write a post at your blog where you share the link of your challenge about Los Angeles city. You also have to include a summary of which aspects you have changed, which you have kept and why.