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The Music Center

Arriving at the end of our journey!

Our journey to the city of Los Angeles finishes at The Music Center. The Music Centre is the performing arts centre of Los Angeles County and is the home of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

You can visit the Music Centre for a performance or take a tour through the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Tours last about one hour and are free for all ages.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • visited The Music Centre in Los Angeles.
  • listened to a conversation about the best place to live.
  • reflected on all the different tasks you have worked on at the Learning Diary.

If you visit its official website, you will be able to visit all the sections it contains and get to know what resident companies work there and what events are scheduled. 

Remember that The Music Center / Walt Disney Concert Hall must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskwayoflife and #projectlosangeles). Tweet to The Music Center of Los Angeles telling which section of the webpage do you find the most interesting and share the link.

Meanwhile, visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall tour, and watch the videos where you can have a clear idea of the different spaces in this building. 

I'm going to spend a weekend in San Francisco

California is a huge state on the west coast of the United States and has got several very well-known cities, such as Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, San Diego or Oakland. But another very important city of this state is San Francisco.

Once we have visited all the main landmarks in Los Angeles, let's visit San Francisco and let's listen to Todd explaining some interesting aspects about this city.

Listen to the conversation and answer the questions to check what you have understood properly. After that, you can also check it with the help of the transcript. Your teacher can help you with all these activities.

Your challenge: Los Angeles at the Google Site.

Challenge Step 6: List of all links and images you have used in your project.

To finish your Google Site project about Los Angeles, add a new page where you and your group have to add the complete list of links that you have used throughout your research.

You also have to add a complete gallery of all the images that you have used in your Google Site project about Los Angeles.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 8: Posting your Los Angeles Site and every audio / video outcome that you have produced

Remember to post the 'Los Angeles sites' and the audio /videos you have recorded to your personal Learning Diary. That way, at the end of all the projects, you are going to have a wonderful portfolio of all the materials you will have produced individually, in pairs and collaboratively in groups.

Learning Diary. Final Step: Complete revision of the project 

At this moment, you have to reflect on all the diferent tasks you have gone through this project.

Remember to share all the links of your posts through Twitter using the hashtags #projectlosangeles  #taskwayoflife.

Your teacher can put together all the tweets produced throughout this project through the following tools:

And now, answer the questions you can find below, at your Learning Diary.