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The Getty Museum

Visit to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

The Getty Museum opened in 1997. The museum has got an extensive collection of Greek and Roman art and a collection of Western art from medieval times to the present. Outside, there are numerous garden spaces, fountains and pools as well as outdoor sculptures.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • visited the Getty Museum virtually.
  • listened to some information about three people sharing impressions on Hollywood movies and recorded a short video answering some questions.
  • thought about what to include in your mind map about a topic about the American way of life.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskwayoflife and #projectlosangeles). This time you have to visit its official website and browse all its sections in order to choose which of the tours is, in your opinion, the most interesting.   

You can also send a tweet to the  Getty Museum saying you have visited it virtually. What has drawn your attention the most? What would you highlight from the Museum?  Send them a tweet: Getty Museum Twitter.

Remember that the Getty Museum must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Let's go to the movies!

Listen carefully to how Goron, Win and Michael share their thoughts on Hollywood movies. After listening, do the side quizzes. You can do this activity in Hollywood hits.

After having done the listening activity, you have to answer the following questions orally and record your questions and answers in pairs in order to upload the result to your learning diary after having answered them:

  • Have you watched the film 'Avatar'? Did you like it? Why / Why not?
  • Have you ever watched a 3D film? Which is your favourite 3D film?  
  • Do you usually go to the cinema to watch 3D films? Or do you prefer watching films at home?

In order to record the answer to these questions, you can use the web WeVideo. Your teacher can help you in all this process and with the pronunciation. After having recorded them, you have to project them in the classroom and your classmates have to assess it using the 'Rubric to assess a video assignment in the classroom'.

Your task: Let's continue the research!

Task Step 2: Starting with the research for your mental map

As the task for this project is to create a mind map about one aspect of the American way of life, it will be necessary to start looking for the information that you will include in your product and how to make a mind map. Remember that after finishing the mind map with the topic you have chosen about the American way of life, you have to use the TAWE application to record the explanation and compose a final product using the technique of visual thinking:

  • Now, you have to look for some interesting links to complete the information of your topic and start composing your mind map. Your teacher can help you select the most interesting ones.
  • You have to share what you have found with the rest of the class through different means. For example, you can use these Twitter hashtags: #taskwayoflife and #projectlosangeles
  • You can organize the brainstorm ideas about “American way of life” and start thinking which five you are going to include in your mind map. 

If you still need more information about what mental maps are, visit Mindmapping to obtain more information about them.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 2: Uploading the video with the questions

In this step, you have to upload the video file you have recorded in pairs.

This is a perfect moment for you to check your work. Press the button and answer the questions in your personal blog.

Don't forget to share the entry with the video through Twitter using the hashtags #taskwayoflife and #projectlosangeles.