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Royal Mile

The busiest street in Edinburgh.

We continue with our amazing trip to the magnificent city of Edinburgh. We stop now at the Royal Mile.

Discovering Edinburgh is becoming an incredible experience!

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • read about the Royal Mile and worked comparing the differences between present simple and present continuous.
  • organized information about Edinburgh at the Google site.
  • read about traditional and new school sports in secondary schools.

Royal Mile

Daniel. Royal Mile 1 (CC BY)


Walking along this street is such a pleasure! The man on the picture normally walks the dog in the evening, but today he is walking his dog in the morning. As you can see, there is a difference between the two verbal tenses.

It is time now to compare the use of both types of present tenses: Comparison between present simple and present continuous. Work with exercise 1, exercise 2 and exercise 3. Write the answer in a new post at your learning diary.

Remember that the Royal Mile must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh). Write a tweet using the present continuous, about what you are doing right now at the Royal Mile.

Sport at secondary schools

All secondary school students have some sport activity in the weekly timetable. In these classes, you normally practise some kind of sports.

But, which sports do you practise? Traditional or new school sports?

Read the text Sport at school and answer the true / false questions, the gap fill and the multiple choice about the text: .

Once you finish reading and doing the activities, you have to prepare your oral contribution to this topic. You have to prepare a paragraph where you talk about one of the following topics:

  • Do we have to practise sport regularly? Why?
  • What sports do you practise?
  • Is it good to practise sport?
  • Can practising sport be harmful for your health?
  • Do you only practise modern sports? Or dou you practise other traditional sports as well? Which ones?

In order to prepare your paragrahp, the document 'Rubric to assess informative/explanatory texts' wil be your reference. 

You can continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh). Tweet which your favourite sports are.

Your challenge: Edinburgh at the Google Site

Project. Step 5: Organizing the Edinburgh entry at your Google Site

At this step, you have to finish the Edinburgh entry at the Google Site.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about Edinburgh at your Google Site. Creativity in the distibution of the contents is very important. The requirements to finish the entry are:

  • some text about what to do in the city,
  • and two links to printable guides, leaflets, brochures.

If your group considers that you can add more details to these requirements,you can freely add them to your site.

Learning Diary

Learning Diary. Step 4: Posting the link to your group's Google Site about the Edinburgh Challenge. 

At this step, you have to write a post at your blog where you share the link of your challenge about Edinburgh. 

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