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Scott Monument

Let's visit the monument!

At the Scott Monument, we are going to make one of our last stops in our visit to this superb city of Edinburgh. The city dedicates a monument to Sir Walter Scott, the writer of Ivanhoe or Rob Roy, classic novels of the English literature. You can get access to all his works at the Digital Archive of the Edinburgh University Library.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • shared your poster through different means.
  • visited the Scott Monument and revised "Relative Pronouns" in English.
  • had fun singing one of the most famous songs by the Scottish band "Simple Minds".

Why don't you visit it virtually? Visiting Scott Monument: Official Website and you will be able to do it.

At this website you can obtain some information about who Sir Walter Scott was.

Can you find the answers to the following questions at the website?

  • Why was this monument built in Edinburgh?
  • Who sculpted this monument?
  • How many sculptures are there on the monument?
  • Who are the statues on the monument?

The following sentence can be found at the website ("A monumental idea" section): "Later when lack of funds hit, house-to-house visits in Edinburgh were arranged to collect money, and an engraving of the monument was given to everyone who contributed one guinea or more."

In this sentence, you can find in bold on the most common relative pronouns: who

Let's revise Relative pronouns in English and practise their use.

Remember that the Scott Monument must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh). You have to send a tweet with the name of your favourite writer/s or book/s and the reason why they are your preferred ones.

Don't you forget about Scotland!!

You have been visiting Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. But in Scotland there are also other important cities such as Glasgow. One of the most legendary bands from Glasgow is Simple Minds. Let's sing their song: "Don't you forget about me".

Would you like to play it and know its lyrics?. Choose the level of difficulty and have a good time: Don't you forget about me

  • If you want to know further details about this mythical band, just take a look at their official website
  • You can also get in touch with them through their official Facebook or Twitter.
  • Why don't you send them a tweet telling them you have been singing one of their songs? Their Twitter handle is: @simplemindscom

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh). This is an open post about Simple Minds: you can recommend a song (explainning why), suggest some other webs about them, talk about any other scotland groups, and so forth.

End of Task: Digital poster about 5 sports & hobbies

Task Step 4: Disseminating your poster

You have reached the end of this task. It is now time to announce to both parents and other teachers & students that you have been working on your posters and that they have been finished.

To start with, publish a post on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh) with the link to your digital poster.

Once you have shared your digital poster, it is now time to prepare a short oral presentation of the poster you have produced for your classmates. 

To make this presentation more efficient, you have to use the following rubric: 'Rubric to assess an oral presentation'.

Thus, you can introduce your digital poster to all the rest of students/teachers using the oral presentation.

Have you enjoyed this experience a lot? So, we still have some more challenges to carry out along this series of projects.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 6: Upload your poster links.

At this moment, you have to publish the links of all your digital posters to your personal learning diaries. Then, one of the members of the class or your teacher can put all your poster links together and publish them to any of the following publishing websites:

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