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Scottish Parliament

Arriving at the end of our journey!

Our journey to the city of Edinburgh finishes at The Scottish Parliament. The Parliament is a democratically elected body comprising 129 members known as Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), elected for four-year terms under the additional member system: 73 MSPs represent individual geographical constituencies elected by the plurality ("First past the post" system), while a further 56 are returned from eight additional member regions, each electing seven MSPs.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • learnt about the Scottish Highland Games,
  • listened to a conversation comparing the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh and done some comprehension activities,
  • reflected on all the different tasks you have worked on at the Learning Diary.

In this project we have seen that there are some sports that are very typical in Scotland. Scottish people also organize the Scottish Highland Games where all these sports are practised.

Remember that the Scottish Parliament must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskposter and #projectedinburgh). Have you chosen your favourite Scottish sport is? Send a tweet with the sport name and one picture.

Glasgow vs Edinburgh

We have visited all the main landmarks in Edinburgh. But in Scotland there are also some important cities, such as Glasgow. Listen to the following conversation: "Scottish cities".

Two people talk and compare the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. After listening to the dialogue, try to do both the vocabulary quiz and the comprehension one.

Have you found these two cities worth visiting? Yes, so now you have to prepare an oral reasoning about which city you would recommend or visit and why. Then you have to compare it with your own town/city emphasizing advantages and disadvantages of both cities.

In order to prepare this oral activity, you have to take a look at the following rubric to try to do it as well as you can. Your teacher can help you with your sentences. 'Rubric to assess an oral presentation'.

Your challenge: Edinburgh at the Google Site

Challenge Step 6: List of all the links and images you have used in your project.

To finish your Google Site project about Edinburgh, add a new page where you and your group have to add the complete list of links that you have used throughout your research.

You also have to add a complete gallery of all the images that you have used in your Google Site project about Edinburgh.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 7: Posting your Edinburgh Site and every audio / video outcome that you have produced.

Remember to post the Edinburgh sites and the audio /videos you have recorded to your personal Learning Diary. That way, at the end of all the units, you are going to have a wonderful portfolio of all the materials you will have produced individually, in pairs and collaboratively in groups.

Learning Diary. Final Step: Complete revision of the project 

At this moment, you have to reflect on all the diferent tasks you have gone through this project.

Remember to share all the links of your posts through Twitter using the hashtags #projectedinburgh  #taskposter

Your teacher can put together all the tweets produced throughout this project through the following tools:

And now, answer the questions you can find below at the Learning Diary.

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