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Buckingham Palace

The residence of the British monarchy

We continue with our amazing trip to the magnificent city of London. We take the tube and get off at Green Park station (Jubilee, Victoria and Piccadilly lines). Discovering London is becoming an incredible experience!

At the heart of the city, we find Buckingham Palace, where the Queens and Kings of the United kingdom have traditionally lived. If you are interested, you can check the whole list of Queens and Kings in this website: Kings and Queens of Britain.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • learnt about Buckingham Palace and worked a little bit more on present simple tense,
  • organized information about London at the Google site for London.
  • listened to a tour guide on a tourist bus.

Buckingham Palace
Diliff. Buckingham Palace (CC BY-SA)

After having visited these premises, you can also revise how to use the present simple through the following activities: Activities about the Present Simple.

Remember to include this place at your Google Site challenge.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskopinion and #EDIAlondon). Try to invite people (in an imaginative way) to visit Buckingham Palace. (Any funny image to share?).

The 'Rubric to assess a Tweet' can help you do a good job in this social network.

London tour by bus

Are you enjoying your visit to London? You may have realized that London is a huge city. A lot of tourists usually take bus tours to visit all the main landmarks of the city.

Image by Jan Mateboer from Pixabay
Jan Mateboer. Image by Jan Mateboer from Pixabay (CC0)

You finally decide to get on one of these tourist tours and on the bus you listen to the following tour guide and to some of the passengers. As you listen, try to answer the questions about the conversation.

Tour of London listening and questions about the conversation.

Hope you have a nice trip around the city. Enjoy!

Your challenge: London at the Google Site

Challenge Step 5: Organizing the London entry at your Google Site.

At this step, you have to finish the London entry at the Google Site.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about London at your Google Site. Creativity in the distribution of the contents is very important. The requirements to finish the entry are:

  • some text about what to do in the city,
  • and two links to printable guides, leaflets, brochures.

If your group considers that you can add more details to these requirements, such as information about history, demography or other topics, you can freely add them to your site.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 4: Posting the link to your group's Google Site about the London Project.

Writing tools

Peter O'Shea. Writing tools (CC BY)

At this step, you have to write a post at your blog where you write about the process of composing the site and share the link of your Google Site challenge about London.

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