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The British Museum

Let's visit the museum!

At the British Museum, we are going to make one of our last stops in our visit to this superb city of London. At this museum, we can find, for example, The Rosetta Stone, which is one of the most important objects in the British Museum as it holds the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs - a script made up of small pictures that was used originally in ancient Egypt for religious texts.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • shared your article of opinion through different means,
  • visited the British Museum in London and revised "Question Words" in English,
  • had fun singing one of the most famous songs by the band "Queen"
British Museum
Eric Pouhier. British Museum (CC BY-SA)

At this museum, you can find Rooms, such as Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome or Prehistory.

Why don't you visit it virtually? Click on the following link: British Museum: Official Website

For example, in Room 18, you can find the Parthenon statuary from the east pediment and Metopes from the south wall, 447-438 B.C

Let's take a look at what we can find in this amazing room: Room 18 - Parthenon

Enjoy the visit!

M.chohan. Parthenon (CC BY-SA)

When we visit a museum, we usually ask a lot of questions or the guide can ask us some questions about what we are visiting. It is now a good idea to revise how to  use Question words when making questions. Question words in English.

Remember to include this place at your Google Site challenge.

Before leave this visit, take a look at a virtual walking tour at the British Museum:

Island Hopper TV. British Museum in London England Virtual Tour (Licencia estándar de YouTube)

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskopinion and #EDIAlondon). You can choose  the piece you consider that any person who visits the museum must see. In addition, you should post your opinion about the reason to dedicate some hours to visit this museum. 

The 'Rubric to assess a Tweet' can help you do a good job in this social network.

End of Task: The Opinion Article

Task Step 4: Disseminating your article of opinion

We have reached the end of this task. It is now time to announce to both parents and other teachers & students that you have written the articles and that they have been published through different means (Twitter, Booklet in Issuu, Slideshare, learning diaries, your school's official web page...).

To start with, publish a post on Twitter (#taskopinion and #EDIAlondon) introducing your article.

Union Jack Sofa in Kendals
Dunk 🐝. Union Jack Sofa in Kendals (CC BY)

Have you enjoyed this experience a lot? So, we still have some more tasks and challenges to carry out along this series of projects about English-speaking cities.

Learning diary

Learning Diary. Step 6: Upload the final version of your article.

Writing tools

Peter O'Shea. Writing tools (CC BY)

At this moment, you have to upload your final version of the article of opinion to your Learning Diary (blog). Then, one of the members of the class or your teacher can gather all the writings together and upload them to a publishing tool on the Internet. In this list, there are some suggestions of publishing websites:

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