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London Underground

Let's take the tube!

London is a huge city, with an area of 8,382.00 km2. With such extension, citizens usually take the underground to move from one side to the other in the city.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • reflected on London underground through a thinking routine about it,
  • reviewed and practised the present simple tense when talking about daily routines,
  • searched for a video about tourism in London on different websites.

To start with, let’s begin with a thinking routine about the map of the London underground, also known as the Tube. Look at the map of all the lines, tube stops, colours, etc.

London Tube map
Sameboat. London Tube Map (CC BY-SA)
  • What did you use to think about this underground?
  • How do you imagine the tube?
  • How many lines?
  • How many tube stops?

Take a look at the following link: London tube official website. Then, try to find out the answers to the previous questions in groups of 2 / 3 people.

  • What do you think about it now?
  • Have you ever used the Tube in London?
  • Do you usually use the train or the underground to go to school?
  • If so, how long are you on the train / underground to get to school?

Remember to include at least one underground stop at your Google Site challenge.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskopinion and #EDIAlondon). Of course, you must give some information about the London Tube and some recommendations to future passengers. 

The 'Rubric to assess a Tweet' can help you do a good job in this social network.

My daily routine

When writing about our favourite activities, we usually express actions that happen in a repeated way and with certain frequency. The verbal tense that we use when we want to express these actions is the present simple, usually accompanied by adverbs of frequency. 

Daily schedule
Wikiphoto. Daily schedule (CC BY-SA)

This link can be really useful to understand and practice present simple: Review the present simple use.

You can practice how to use the Present Simple tense with these links:

You can work on these exercises on the website. However, using your notebook to do the work could help you check your work carefully.

Your challenge: London at the Google Site

Challenge Step 4: Organizing the London entry at your Google Site 

At this step, you have to keep on organizing all the information you have gathered in order to complete the London entry at your Google Sites.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about London. Creativity in the distribution of the contents is very important. 

At this step, you have to include at your Google Sites the following information: 1 video about tourism in London.

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