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The Brooklyn Bridge

Let's go for a walk!

When the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge of its time. Now it is just a landmark. It is also easy to walk across. You can get a panoramic view of the city whether you set out from the Brooklyn or the Manhattan side.

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • used a thinking routine about the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • revised and practised present perfect tense with "yet" and "already".

To start with, let’s begin with a thinking routine, about Brooklyn Bridge. Look at the picture of this bridge.

After viewing this picture of Brooklyn Bridge in New York, answer the questions below:

  • What can you see?
  • How long do you think this bridge is?
  • Can both cars and pedestrians cross the bridge?
  • How many cars can cross this bridge a day?

You can also take a look at the Trip Advisor Website with the Brooklyn Bridge Walk proposal. There is also some more information about the history and facts of the bridge at the official New York infrastructure website.

Then, answer the following questions:

  • What do you think about how the building conditions had to be for workers?
  • Have you ever crossed such a long bridge?
  • What does it make you wonder?

You have to answer these questions in your personal blog. The title of the post must be "Brooklyn Bridge Thinking Routine"

You can have more information about this thinking routine consulting the resource 'Thinking routine'.

Remember that Brooklyn Bridge must be part of the route at your Google Sites map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskbiography and #projectnewyork). Do you have to cross a bridge to go to school? Is there any river nearby? Are there any bridges to cross it? Are there any other kind of bridges in your area? 

I have not been to New York yet!

We can also use "yet" and "already" with present perfect tense to express if the action has finished or not in the present.  Two examples would be

  • I have already finished my homework.
  • I have not eated my lunch yet.

Could you think another examples? Try to write (or say) at least one with already and one with yet.

Visit some websites in order to learn how to use present perfect with "yet" and "already" in English and practise it: Exercise 1 & Exercise 2 & Exercise 3.

Try to do the activities in pairs. Your teacher can help you with all the exercises. 

Once you finish, you have to write in your learning diary a short text using the present perfect and "yet" and "already.

Your Task: First version of your infography

Task Step 3: First version of your infography with your biography.

In this step of your task, it is time to start preparing the infography with at least five important facts about your own biography.

As you have to do this task individually, you can share your draft with another classmate and he or she can give you some suggerences in order to improve your final product. Then, you have to give some feedback to another classmate as well.

Your challenge: New York at the Google Site

Challenge Step 4: Organizing the New York entry at your Google Site 

At this step, you have to keep on organizing all the information you have gathered in order to complete the entry.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about New York at your Google Site. Creativity in the distibution of the contents is very important. 

At this step, you have to include at your Google Site the following information:

1  video about tourism in New York.

If you find more than one representative video, you can also include it in your Google Site.

Learning diary

Learning diary Step 4: Revise all the steps of your task and challenge so far.

You are in the middle of the New York project. It is time now to revise all the steps you have done so far in both the task and the challenge.

Click on the "Show Feedback" button and answer these questions in your learning diary.

Remember to share the link of your learning diary through Twitter using the hashtag: #taskbiography and #projectnewyork.

At this point, you should also think about how the project is going on. Answer the questions you'd find pushing on the button "Feedback".

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