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The Chrysler Building

Let's go up the Building!

Let's continue with our amazing trip to the magnificent city of New York. Your next stop now is at the Chrysler Building.

At 42nd and Lexington in Midtown stands the second most famous  skyscraper in New York City, the Chrysler Building. Just a little bit shorter than the Empire State Building, it was built only a year before. The Chrysler Building's architectural details, such as the eagles on the corners of the 61st floor or the multicolored marble in the lobby, make this building a favourite of architecture fans worldwide.

Discovering New York is becoming a truly unforgettable experience!

At the end of the session, you will have:

  • read about the Chrysler Building.
  • organized information about New York at the Google site
  • read and listen about online safety tips.

Visit the official website of The Chrysler Building. Which fact impresses you the most? When was it built?

Google Site map.

Continue with your posts on Twitter (#taskbiography and #projectnewyork). Write a tweet telling what do you like the most about this building. If you need further information, you can visit the Chrysler Building ´A view on cities´ guide.

What about online safety?

In this project, the task consists of an infography about your own biography. This profile will be uploaded to the Internet. But do you know how to protect yourself on the virtual world? Do you know enough about online safety?  

So, maybe you need to read and listen to some tips about online safety. When you finish, you can check your understanding by doing the proposed activities. 

Your task: infography about your biography.

Task. Step 4: Improve your infography sharing the links you have visited with your classmates.  

It is a perfect moment to share the links you have visited with other classmates in order to improve the resources you can add to your infography about your biography. 

Your challenge: New York at the Google Site

Challenge. Step 5: Organizing the New York entry at your Google Site

At this step, you have to finish the New York entry at the Google Site.

Each group ( 2 / 3 people) has to organize the information you have searched about New York at your Google Site. Creativity in the distibution of the contents is very important. The requirements to finish the entry are:

  • some text about what to do in the city,
  • and two links to printable guides, leaflets, brochures.

If you and your group consider that you can add more details to these requirements,you can freely add them to your site.

Learning Diary

Learning Diary. Step 5: Posting the link to your group's Google Site about the New York Challenge. 

At this step, you have to write a post at your blog where you share the link of your challenge about New York. You also have to include a summary of which aspects you have changed, which you have kept and why.

Click on the "Show Feedback" button and answer these questions in your learning diary.

Remember to share the link of your learning diary through Twitter using the hashtag: #taskbiography and #projectnewyork.

At this point, you should also think about how the project is going on. Answer the questions you'd find pushing on the button "Feedback".

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